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THE CORD $75 + ship
Custom Made Handfasting cords bless the couple's union. Made to order handfasting cord has five strands braided 7+ feet long during a formal meditation to bless the couple and the cord. The cord colors are selected by the couple according to their magickal properties and powers of good luck for the couple's future. Prayers are marked with beads and charms denoted on an accompaning copy of the ritual.
Wedding ceremony, pagan engagement or wiccon binding ceremony. Order Today!
Tieing the couple's hands together as they say their vows; beautiful & romantic; but beware, also a binding. A serious vow made connecting the couple and their families FOREVER. It's a very romantic and very seriouse ritual pefect to incorporate kids and blend families. It's very powerful romantic energy easily takes on the meaning that the couple has for doing it. Please don't take it lightly. This is ole' world tradition - there is no divorse from a handfasting - this IS a life committment, and some believe it binds you for life-times. Expecially if you have a blessed cord.
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It takes 4 hours to make one cord. It is blessed (or charged) and considered a powerful sacred tool to be used to bind the couple to their promises during their ceremony.
Rev. Pamela, Chicago IL
Made to Order Blessed Cords Shipped WorldWide
Legal Pagan Ceremonies

Don't just get married - Tie The knot!
Today, more and more couples are looking for a way to express a deeper commitment to each other. Many have been married before and want their new partner to know a greater level of commitment. Or they have children from another marriage and want them to feel apart of the ceremony that is going to change their lives too. And some are soulmates, and want to decair their love. All perfectly illustrated by adding the symbolic handfasting ritual.
The concept of a Handfasting is said to
have originated with the ancient Celtic
culture generally thought to be an
engagement ceremony binding for a
year and a day. But research shows the
handfasting ritual (in some form) is found
in almost everyone's ancestry and is a
permenant commitment. The term

"tie the knot", or "give one's hand in
marriage" still in comon use today,
originated with the practice of handfasting.
Rev Pamela is a Chicago area Wedding Officiant and travels a four state area officiating legal weddings, civil unions and same-sex marriages, and pagan handfastings (both legal marriages & spiritual ones) . She also holds weddings in her home. You can commission her to make your handfasting cord. Handfasting cord colors can be found on HandFastingCord.net
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Typically thought to originate from the United States in the 1960's from Christian, interfaith ceremonies. There are two taper candles with the Unity candle in the middle. The tapers are lit by representatives from each family to symbolize their love and allegiance. Later in the ceremony, the bride and groom use these two flames to light the unity candle bringing the love of both families together in a united love of one consumation in fame. Generally, the two tapers are left burning and replaced in their holders (because each family's love for their own will continue). However, I like to use them as a symbol by blowing them out, you are leaving their old life behind them.

Adding more tapers is a nice way to incorporate children into the ceremony having them help light the unity candle.

Rev Pam will personally pour your candle during a special ritual prior to your ceremony, incorporating charms, prayers, flowers herbs and incense into the wax. $75 non-refundable. Each candle is individually made, by hand and is generally white as a base color with other colors possible added for their magickal significance or to match your wedding colors, or choosing the colors for personal meanings.
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